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Easter Video for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Search for "Boey Bear" on YouTube to watch for free.

We know how much kids love egg toys 🥚 so what better opportunity than Easter to use them as a learning aid (no chocolate eggs involved, promise)!

Our Easter video:

(1) Features nesting egg toys -

Learn colours, counting and sizes e.g. big, medium, small.

Then watch as the eggs get jumbled up - how to put them back in size order?

Let's relate this to the real world too - what fruits are big, medium, small?

Yum! Have a look at your fruit bowl at home and give this a go -

With a little surprise at the end - can you guess what it is?

(2) Peter Rabbit had a Fly Upon his Nose nursery rhyme -

This is a sweet and catchy song with fun hand actions to do!

Hand actions are a great way to practice fine motor skills - hand to eye coordination, finger dexterity, muscle control and strength.

These are the early foundations that will help with many developmental milestones such as self-feeding, holding a pencil and getting dressed.

Here it comes...!


(3) A phonics egg hunt around BOEY's dolls house!

Go around the house with BOEY and see if you can find all the letters of the alphabet.

Learn the phonic sound of each letter, the letter name and the colour of each egg that you find!

Hmm... how many eggs can you spot in the living room?

While your baby, toddler or preschooler is entertained, they are also learning!

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Download Free Easter printables below:


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