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Writing with Sugar & Sprinkles!

Watch as BOEY Bear makes a Montessori salt writing tray, but with sugar!

This is a really fun activity to do at home with your toddler or preschooler and easy to set up with materials you readily have at home.

Just take a tray or lid (make sure it doesn't have any holes, otherwise tape them up!) and fill with sugar or salt.

Then add any other colourful/sparkly/textured material to it for added interest.

All your child needs now is their pointing finger!

If your child hasn't shown a hand preference yet then they can try both hands. Sometimes you might be able to see which hand has better control while they do this activity.

If your child doesn't show interest in forming letters then let them squiggle! Draw squiggles, shapes, funny faces - whatever they fancy!

Using their finger to draw in this way will help them strengthen their hand muscles, practice hand to eye co-ordination and learn to recognise shapes. All are great pre-writing skills to develop before they even need to pick up a pencil.

Oh, and it's lots of fun too. Just watch that they don't try and eat it!


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