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Free Printable - What words begin with "a"?

Download this free printable here, for your child to practice sounding out words beginning with A.

There are FIVE mini activities on this one page -

1) Start with the big "a" in the middle. It's for finger tracing!

Get your child to point their finger and place it on the green dot 🟢. Then show them how to "drive" their finger in the correct direction to form the letter.

Challenge them to see if they can remember the "route"!

2) See if your child can clearly hear and sound out the "a" for each picture

You can help them by emphasising the "a" sound for each word.

3) With a pencil/crayon, trace over the letter "a" for each picture

Refer back to the big "a" in the middle to help them work out the correct formation

4) Now practice writing "a", keeping them uniform in size and between the lines

The first two are faint to your child get started!

5) Now colour in the pictures and make it look pretty!

Subscribe for free and print this worksheet (and many others) for your own use at home or in the classroom.

Watch Boey Bear's video to hear the letter sound "a" and see how many "a" words you can spot! Watch this episode on Youtube for free here.


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