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Boey Bear's Educational Coloring Book

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To keep your little one entertained AND learning ✅

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Boey has been working hard gathering all his favourite things into one book  

- A colouring book!

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We wanted to make a book with a difference.

A colouring book that will help your child learn - through just having fun!

It's educational, entertaining and easy - 

Making it a hands-off activity (for you, that is!)

For them, they'll run off with it and get stuck into scribbling away! 🖍

It's full of everyday things that they love and recognise (plus pictures of Boey himself too!) 🐻

With big, simple drawings and thick outlines to help them practice colouring inside the lines.

All bundled into an educational format -

Things to colour in & learn:

🖍  The Alphabet: Learn upper and lower case letters

🥦  Fruits & Vegetables: What fruits & vegetables have you tried?

🔢  Numbers & Counting: Learn to count with Boey's number train!

🐄  Farm Animals: "Moo" and "Quack" as you colour, with our fun word sounds

🟡  Shapes: Can you recognise these shapes around you?


All too often... 😣

Colouring books are printed double sided, making the pages see-through and harder to see each picture for what it is.

Just as frustrating is when...

Your markers seep through to the other side, ruining the next picture! 😫

Our goal was to make the best colouring book possible -

So all our 60+ images are single sided, with a special greyed underside so that every picture can be coloured in and utilised to the max! 👍

Plus -

Why "colouring/coloring" has to be spelt differently we really don't know, but we want to get it right so -

We've made British & American English versions!

Search for "Boey Bear's Coloring Book" on Amazon

or use the links at the top of the page


Have fun coloring and learning! 🐻 💛

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