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"Drive" Your Finger to Form the Letter!

A really useful and fun printable for your child to practice forming letters correctly.

Print and cut out these Montessori Letter Tracing Flashcards - all your child needs is their finger!

Watch how we form our letters in our DAILY YouTube Preschool Circle Time videos and copy along!

Search for "Boey Bear" on Youtube and subscribe to the channel for free.

Learning videos made especially for toddlers and preschoolers, making it fun and engaging by using every day objects and creative, educational toys.

First, get them to point their finger and place it on the green dot. Then show them how to "drive" their finger around the letter in the correct direction.

Challenge them to see if they can remember the "route"!

Click on the image above to be directed to the Free Printables members page.

Sign up with just an email address to be able to log in whenever you like and have access to all the free printables that accompany the Youtube channel.


Unknown member
Jun 28

i want to get lettrs e, f, g.....

Unknown member
Jul 08
Replying to

Hello! The Finger Tracing Flashcards includes all the letters in the alphabet; the Phonics free printables is currently up to the letter D as it accompanies our A-D videos. Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you can make use of all our other free printables in the meantime 💛

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