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Halloween Video + FREE Printable for Toddlers!

Do you have a baby, toddler or preschooler and wonder how to introduce Halloween to them? Our latest learning video could be the answer!

It's non-scary, cute and doubles up as a learning video on colours and colour mixing (primary colours into secondary colours).

There's a touch of magic that your child will love, so give it a go!

Watch for free by searching for "Boey Bear" on Youtube.

Click video below to watch and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for lots more learning videos for your little one:

Meet Boey the Witch!

He drums up some magic - copy along as he chants his spells...

What do we have here? Three empty bottles...

And a special message..

Here goes!

... Orange! He fills up the bottles with some more magic!

After all the magic is done, we have learnt the names of the primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours!

Watch this fun & educational Halloween themed video - search for "Boey Bear" on Youtube.

FREE Halloween Themed Printable!

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Click on the below to download our Free Halloween pre-writing worksheet:

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Unknown member
23. Juli 2023

Great instructional video for kids. You can still use the screen recording to teach the kids. I use several programs to record screen recording videos. I suggest you use this one.

Gefällt mir
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