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Calling all Construction Vehicle Fans!

Is your child fascinated with construction vehicles?

Excavators, dump trucks, cement mixer trucks... whenever you see one you just have to stop and watch them!

Boey Bear's latest video will satisfy your construction vehicle fan. SEVEN different heavy vehicles are featured here:

死 Excavator

死 Front loader

死 Dump truck

死 Road roller

死 Cement/concrete mixer truck

死 Crane

死 Forklift truck

Learn how each vehicle helps builder Boey prepare the building site - so that he can build a house!

Watch for free on Youtube by searching for "Boey Bear" or clicking below.

Don't forget to Subscribe to the channel to catch new episodes - uploaded weekly!

To accompany this video, download free colouring pages for each vehicle!

Click on the image below to be redirected to the FREE Member's page, giving you access to all the free printables we create.


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