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Free pre-writing activity - with construction vehicles!

A new free printable has been uploaded to the Membership page (sign up for free access).

It's a pre-writing activity to help your toddler or preschooler practice their fine motor skills, even before they are able to hold a pencil.

Ask your child to place their index finger on the vehicle and trace their way to the end of the line, getting the vehicle to it's destination!

Each line varies in shape to practice visual perception - being able to recognise the form/direction of the shape and use hand to eye coordination to manipulate the finger accurately along the line.

Your child can then progress to holding a pencil and tracing along the line.

All children develop different skills at different stages, so don't worry if they are not keen to hold a pencil yet!

What's most beneficial is to practice recognising the shape of the line and following it with their finger.

Make some engine sound effects as you get the vehicle to it's destination! Brrrruum, brrrrum!

Download the free printable here.

This printable accompanies our fun video on construction vehicles, free to watch on Youtube.

Search for "Boey Bear" on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for a new video every week!


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