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Hands & Feet Hopscotch Game!

Our latest YouTube video is all about your left and your right! ✋🤚👣

Search for 🔎 "Boey Bear" on YouTube to watch for free.

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Total focus!

This is a hugely fun and addictive game for kids and adults alike.

Warning - it may get competitive!

First, learn your left from your right by playing along with our interactive learning video on YouTube:

A little preview here:

Hmmm... what happens when Boey runs back and forth? Left... right... left... right...

Put up your correct hand when Boey calls it out, then give it a wiggle! 👋

Put up your correct foot and give it a shake!

Search for 🔎 "Boey Bear" on Youtube to watch for free.

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Cut out and stick onto the floor, in rows of three hands/feet. The aim is hop from row to row, matching the correct hands and feet!


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