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Learn how construction vehicles work!

There's a brand new video to watch on our YouTube channel learn 7 different types of construction vehicles, what they do and how they work in real life.

We know some little ones absolutely adore construction vehicles so we've made another video where they can learn all about them - and be thoroughly entertained at the same time!

Search for "Boey Bear" on YouTube to watch for free.

The seven different vehicles are:

🦺 An excavator

🦺 A cement mixer truck/concrete mixer truck

🦺 A forklift truck

🦺 A front loader

🦺 A dump truck

🦺 A crane

🦺 A road roller

Find out how each vehicle operates:

and see how they work in real life!

Grab a pre-writing activity to do afterwards, too!

This instantly downloadable printable is free for personal use.

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